Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Claire: Inter Collective Online

Before I am booted off the Perth Creatives blog I want to update about the new Inter Collective website we have been very preoccupied with. As the Inter Collective relocates to Hobart, Tasmania, for a year of Honours study, this might be the best way to keep informed with any new projects we tackle whilst off the mainland.

The website was built and designed by the talented Mr MacRae, and utilises full-screen images with minimal 'design', as such. Because the visual is so important in creative work, and photography is the most important document we have of our ephemeral projects, we really wanted the images to speak for themselves, and so it seemed like the nicest and most effective way of presenting an archive of our work. It's also a design Alex and I have been interested in for ages and waiting to use on something special, so we're pretty excited to see it live!

Check it out at

Tasmania is but a cheap flight away! Come visit!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Exhibition Commentary: Rounds

Finally, a new addition to our series of artist exhibition commentaries. In the following video Claire Krouzecky shows us around her recent exhibition Rounds at the Free range gallery. Claire didn't post about it on the forum, keeping it a tucked away secret but we'll forgive her now that she's given up her time to provide a video retrospective of the exhibition. Hopefully she will come on here soon to tell us about her new website.

Hope you enjoy the video, and if you have real broadband, click the "HD" button and watch it in fullscreen to get all the gritty details. It's almost like actually being there.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Elusive Isolation - Ep. 2

The second episode of the Elusive Isolation podcast, Jimmerish FM's new show revolving around the Perth Arts community, is available now. Joining us for this episode is Perth based artist Campbell. Discussion varies from Free Range, The Home Time Bell to remakes and Fantastic Mr Fox. We are on the iTunes store now, just follow the link below or search for 'elusive isolation' so please leave a review if you have time. Got some feedback for us? Do you have an idea for a guest we should ask on? Want to ask a question? Leave a comment!

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    Friday, November 27, 2009

    Elusive Isolation Podcast - Ep. 1 [Beta]

    This is the first episode of the Elusive Isolation podcast from Jimmerish FM, very much a beta episode. Joining us today is two parts of the Inter Collective creative team, Anna Cocks and Claire Krouzecky as well as musician Alex MacRae from the band Sons of Rico.

    We will hopefully be recording a way more awesome second episode this Saturday. Until then we would love your feedback / questions in the comments.

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    Tuesday, November 17, 2009


    Allow me to introduce the new Free Range website.

    Built and designed by our very own A. Mac. I'm a litttttle bit obsessed with it at the moment, and so proud/excited to see free range up and running at a very lovely pace, and relieved to have our internet presence finally up to date again, yay!

    Tuesday, November 3, 2009

    James: The Elusive Isolation Podcast

    As part of my Jimmerish FM project I'm going to begin a fortnightly audio podcast that will hopefully become a significant part of this forum.

    It will comprise mainly of round table discussions about the Perth Art scene and wherever that leads. I will be looking out for a diverse range of Perth artists to take part.

    The first recording will be held on November 14th at 1pm.

    If you are a Perth artist and would be interested in taking a seat on the podcast, please leave a comment. For those of you already connected to Elusive Isolation, watch out for your invite.

    Tuesday, September 8, 2009

    Campbell: free range september

    Yea, there's even moresome going on in September at free range. Come and see the brand new space, it's all a finished and looking mighty pretty, ready for your arts projects. We're accepting applications for next year so write to to get a copy.
    freerange SEPTEMBER program

    Thursday, September 3, 2009

    James: Perth Bursts in September 2009

    Hey Guys,

    For all those pussies who think Melbourne is God's gift to the world, yet are too scared to move there and suck the fun out of that poor city instead of ours, please look away now because this will only give you more to whinge about.

    Perth Now has a fairly incomplete yet overwhelmingly large list of activities to do in 'dullsville' in September. I wish I had the time or the money to take a look at half of the things on the list. However, have no fear as one commenter points out though, the list is completely useless since a lot of it has to do with the PFF and I guess that's culturally invalid? They probably should have hosted the PFF in Melbourne instead... that would have been way more awesome because Coles and Woolworthes and supposedly many more large corporations are open 24hrs there!

    Cut and Paste is covering some of the PFF on their video blog. I've embedded their latest video below.

    Tuesday, July 28, 2009

    Campbell: free range september

    free range is back!
    After moving from our Subiaco gallery and project space due to huge rent
    increases, we are soon to open a new venue at 339 Wellington Street, Perth.

    free range has a team of dedicated long-term members as well as a group of
    newcomers with great enthusiasm and energy for this new phase. We continue as a
    non-profit artist run organisation that provides an affordable exhibition and
    project space within a supportive network.

    It is expected that the new venue will be ready for opening by September.

    We invite proposals from artists and curators for our 2009 / 2010 program. We
    encourage applications from all forms of contemporary art practice for solo and
    curated shows, projects and performance. free range seeks to support art that is
    challenging, diverse and critically engaged.

    Our current programme scheduling has spaces available within each month for fornightly, weekly and short term use. These options are intended to allow for a broad range of uses by the arts community.

    For an application form or any questions, please email:

    We look forward to hearing from you!
    (Please note our website is currently being updated and is offline temporarily.)

    Monday, July 27, 2009

    James: Around Perth Winter 2009

    Although the current group of Elusive Isolation contributers seem to be having a sleepy winter (I know I've only now got something to update on) Perth continues to have some cool stuff going on.

    Dropstitch has some cool photos from the Condor Tower project. It all looks pretty awesome. I remember when I used to take the train a lot more I always wished that people would paint more murals on all the grey concrete girders and walls of the freeways like the one of the children under the mitchell freeway on wellington st that has been there for years.

    The Condor Tower project seems to be really going for that idea with success. From my basic understanding it is being orchestrated by the Ololo production group. Check out their site and give them some big ups.

    I've also joined the Theatre and the Colour Passion group on facebook. It's organised by Mischa Ipp and Sarah McKellar and the basic motive is to get more people from Perth going to Theatre, especially younger people with not much money.

    They try to organise discount tickets to a theatre show on the last Friday of every month. They also try to organise an exclusive Q&A with the cast and crew after the show! Not sure if they are doing it this Friday because they had the last one on July 3rd but do join the group!

    This is especially good if you are one of those people who are like 'Oh, I always mean to go but never get around to organising it or finding someone to go with.' Now you have no excuse! Just keep the last friday of the month free, follow the updates on the group and invite your friends. Check it out!

    Saturday, July 25, 2009

    James: What has James been up to?

    Hey there, so I've been working on a new project for a while, but it's only now starting to come to fruition. It's called Jimmerish FM. It's basically a podcast studio and internet radio station. I wrote a bit more on my website.

    I've always wondered, what would a conversation between a group of people my age been like in 1920s Perth? Nobody really knows because nobody recorded informal conversations. In fact, nobody probably knows what a conversation between 20 somethings in the 1980s or 1990s sounded like. Culture, history, lost. So basically I want to do Jimmerish FM which will focus primarily on round table discussions and down to earth conversations, not the kind of stuff that you would hear on any 'over the air' radio, not even on stations like RTRFM.

    So please check it out, listen in, tell your friends, offer feedback.

    It's also J Fest. I can't tell you where or what J Fest is, you have to find it for yourself. However, I will give you a clue, J Fest is about using technology to help create 'experiences'. I guess because that's how I value art, by the experience. How good the J Fest experience is depends on how well participants embrace it, take advantage of it.

    Not that photos ever do justice to an experience but here are a few from a camera left on a bench at one J Fest event.

    Sunday, May 31, 2009

    Campbell: Milk and Sleep

    milk and sleep invitation

    Elizabeth's first exhibition since returning to Perth after completing two international residencies in San Francisco, USA and Oaxaca, Mexico.

    In her latest work Elizabeth Marruffo continues to develop her unique visual language while considering the new life and old deaths that motherhood brings.

    Being held at the HQ Gallery at 60a Frame Ct in Leederville the opening will be from 2-6pm with original works and prints available for purchase. It will be open weekdays, 9-5 until the 18th of June.
    Come down for a hot chocolate and a nap.

    Check the events page for updates on images and to let us know if you're coming.  Go behind the scenes on her blog.

    Friday, May 8, 2009

    Exhibition Commentary: In Dreams I

    I'm super excited to be introducing a new dimension to Elusive Isolation. Just before Campbell took down his recent exhibition 'In Dreams I', I caught up with him and captured an artist commentary. Like a director's commentary that you may find on one of your dvds, this allowed Campbell to talk me through a quick tour of his show. It's interesting to hear what he has to say and will hopefully provide an interesting record of the exhibition for some time to come.

    Since 'In Dreams I' uses predominantly visual mediums, I took along a camera as well and recorded the journey in High Definition. It's all done in one take, handheld, no tricks, simple and pure.

    You can watch it below... or even better... Watch it here in HD and see the smallest imperfections in the canvases. If you would like to download it to keep instead, go to the video's page and follow these instructions for Vimeo newbs.

    How did Campbell score such special treatment? It's simple, he is a valued contributer to this blog.

    Thursday, May 7, 2009

    How to comment on Elusive Isolation

    Are you having trouble commenting on posts? I've put together a quick and dirty video tutorial for you to watch and help you out. Watch it below and please register to comment and comment on something so that I know you are there! Click "HD" on the video for higher quality (great for watching full screen).

    Why must you register to comment? We value discussion on this blog more highly than the blog posts themselves. Registering to comment allows other commenters to follow your thoughts throughout this project and many other websites outside of blogger who use this system. We can't allow anonymous commenters because they are not accountable for what they say and that doesn't help the dialogue at all.

    Remember, if you would still rather use your Blogger login details you can by using Open ID.  All you have to do is go here and type in your blogspot address eg: then blogger will ask you to authorize it.  From then on, look out for the Open ID log in option nearby whenever you go to make a comment.  If you are already logged into Blogger all you have to type in is your blogspot address!

    You could start your EI commenting career simply by commenting on this post and ask any questions you might have of the different aspects of the commenting system. Perhaps you are interested in Open ID but want to know more about it or you may want to know how to rate other users' comments? Anything! Let me know in the comments.

    Monday, May 4, 2009

    Claire: LIMV cookbook II

    Prepare your tummies! the Inter Collective is doing a live food installation for the Love Is My Velocity Cookbook II involving many bread makers, electric knives, and fresh loaves. The big event is this Friday 8th May at the Hellenic Centre for the launch at 8pm. There are more details on the LIMV website about specifics and other stuff. The installation will also be running for the duration of the Cookbook exhibition, which is held at 214 William St Northbridge (the old bank). BREAD!