Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Concept

The idea for this blog is to be some kind of Hub, where Perth based creatives post things they recommend, have done, are doing, want to do or were inspired by. It will hopefully help create a strong peer group.

It's like an encyclopedia, its not a primary resource. This is not meant to replace an artist's personal blog or website. It's a secondary resource where people can pitch their ideas or share information and link to a primary resource. Linking is really important, this is how people exploring this blog can find other stuff on the internet that they might like. Posting information as text (rather than just an image) helps people find this site via google. Posting links to a google map for a location helps people find where to go etc etc. Inform your readers! Show the people of Perth where they can find the much fabled "culture".

I will try and begin this blog by getting my artistic peers to be authors, then hopefully they will want to invite their own Perth based artistic peers to be part of it, and so on and so on.

This idea has been tried before and failed, and this attempt probably will as well, but I'm going to try it my way and see what happens.

There is no particular theme to this blog, except for the fact that everyone is Perth based. Musicians, dancers, painters, writers, filmmakers etc, I'll be trying to get them all on board.

Discussion is the most important aim here. The site is presented as blog, but it's really a forum. Discussion is what will make EI unique among its own peers. Creating a dynamic environment where people can discuss, argue and give feedback about the local Perth creative scene is critical to EI's success.

I'm experimenting with a new commenting system that will hopefully help build a community around this website. Using this system, discussions don't have to be lost after a blog post leaves the main page and if other local art blogs sign up and use the same system, you'll be able to track the words of wisdom of your favorite commentators over a number of websites. So sign up now to comment! You can even use your OpenID.