Thursday, February 19, 2009

Alex: Alex says hello

Hey folks,

In short, my name is Alex. I exist in a few worlds: music, design, web development and social networking. I was born in 1984 which makes me approximately [currentYear - 1984 = age] years old, I like my tea really sweet and occasionally I'll say something nice to my girlfriend.

I play in a band called Sons of Rico (a round-about reference to the movie Napoleon Dynamite). I front the act with a microphone at my mouth and a guitar round my neck. Most of the writing and recording is done by myself using "computer technology". I/we are currently working on a debut album that we should be getting round to recording mid-year and to be released end of 2009/early 2010 if all goes well!

This world usually goes hand in hand with the web development world, but sometimes I'll design a poster or a cd cover - eg, this Sons of Rico one (a tentative idea for the upcoming album)

Web Development
My bread and butter for now. In this world I dabble in Flash, HTML, CSS, XML, PHP and MySQL - all of which means nothing to most people, so most of the time I say "I make websites and I make 'em goooood". I'm a perfectionist who gets stuck on an idea. Not so good when you can't convince a client that your vision is amazing - but that's part of the game - communication baby. Anyway, check out my portfolio if you've got a tick!

Social Networking

Often this involves alcohol, dancing and Elton John. This is a very important world for it aids and is essential to every other one of my worlds. I guess you could say this one's some kind of star, and the other worlds revolve around it. Yeah. How bout I write a song about it? I'll call it "Starman by David Bowie".. no wait, that one's already writ. Ok well, maybe not then.

Computer Games
I know I didn't mention this in the introduction, but I think computer games are rad. Me playing them is even radder. At the moment I'm fighting the zombie apocalypse in Left 4 Dead. Aim of the game: run and shoot zombies - and don't die. Brilliant.