Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Claire: Inter Collective Online

Before I am booted off the Perth Creatives blog I want to update about the new Inter Collective website we have been very preoccupied with. As the Inter Collective relocates to Hobart, Tasmania, for a year of Honours study, this might be the best way to keep informed with any new projects we tackle whilst off the mainland.

The website was built and designed by the talented Mr MacRae, and utilises full-screen images with minimal 'design', as such. Because the visual is so important in creative work, and photography is the most important document we have of our ephemeral projects, we really wanted the images to speak for themselves, and so it seemed like the nicest and most effective way of presenting an archive of our work. It's also a design Alex and I have been interested in for ages and waiting to use on something special, so we're pretty excited to see it live!

Check it out at

Tasmania is but a cheap flight away! Come visit!