Saturday, July 25, 2009

James: What has James been up to?

Hey there, so I've been working on a new project for a while, but it's only now starting to come to fruition. It's called Jimmerish FM. It's basically a podcast studio and internet radio station. I wrote a bit more on my website.

I've always wondered, what would a conversation between a group of people my age been like in 1920s Perth? Nobody really knows because nobody recorded informal conversations. In fact, nobody probably knows what a conversation between 20 somethings in the 1980s or 1990s sounded like. Culture, history, lost. So basically I want to do Jimmerish FM which will focus primarily on round table discussions and down to earth conversations, not the kind of stuff that you would hear on any 'over the air' radio, not even on stations like RTRFM.

So please check it out, listen in, tell your friends, offer feedback.

It's also J Fest. I can't tell you where or what J Fest is, you have to find it for yourself. However, I will give you a clue, J Fest is about using technology to help create 'experiences'. I guess because that's how I value art, by the experience. How good the J Fest experience is depends on how well participants embrace it, take advantage of it.

Not that photos ever do justice to an experience but here are a few from a camera left on a bench at one J Fest event.