Monday, July 27, 2009

James: Around Perth Winter 2009

Although the current group of Elusive Isolation contributers seem to be having a sleepy winter (I know I've only now got something to update on) Perth continues to have some cool stuff going on.

Dropstitch has some cool photos from the Condor Tower project. It all looks pretty awesome. I remember when I used to take the train a lot more I always wished that people would paint more murals on all the grey concrete girders and walls of the freeways like the one of the children under the mitchell freeway on wellington st that has been there for years.

The Condor Tower project seems to be really going for that idea with success. From my basic understanding it is being orchestrated by the Ololo production group. Check out their site and give them some big ups.

I've also joined the Theatre and the Colour Passion group on facebook. It's organised by Mischa Ipp and Sarah McKellar and the basic motive is to get more people from Perth going to Theatre, especially younger people with not much money.

They try to organise discount tickets to a theatre show on the last Friday of every month. They also try to organise an exclusive Q&A with the cast and crew after the show! Not sure if they are doing it this Friday because they had the last one on July 3rd but do join the group!

This is especially good if you are one of those people who are like 'Oh, I always mean to go but never get around to organising it or finding someone to go with.' Now you have no excuse! Just keep the last friday of the month free, follow the updates on the group and invite your friends. Check it out!