Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Claire: a belated introduction

this is well overdue:

I'm Claire and i'm interested in plenty of different things. art is one of them!

i am currently working in two different 'avenues' if you like...

...firstly my own personal practice, where i work mostly in watercolour. large-scale pools of dried pigment on paper. i'm interested in perception, immersion, the overwhelming experience of pure seeing, pure looking, pure abstraction. is it possible to look without attaching personal significance to that experience of seeing? vision. how much we don't see because of the immediate social and emotional connections our brain conventionally makes when confronted with visual stimuli. i also like to let the paint and paper speak for themselves, and the relationship between the two as they interact is fascinating to watch. i also really like colour, and how the eye responds to certain colours, colour combinations, pure colour and light. light light light! you can see some pictures here, but here is a sample:

i've started a personal blog, staring at the ganzfeld, to keep me creatively motivated in my first year out of education since i was 5.

and secondly...

i'm also involved in an artist collective called the Inter collective with two super artists called Anna and Laura. we've done a few projects around town, most recently the Site Fiction project in the old Arcane bookshop on William St, Northbridge. We are interested in using and working in empty, dis-used spaces in Perth (as opposed to formal galleries and art spaces) to respond to the particular conditions that space presents us with installation and performance-based work. in the future we are looking toward ideas of non-space, and open space, and how a site-specific work can have meaning and be re-interpreted in another context (ie. in another city). this will probably also involve more collaboration to expand our resources and knowledge pool. we are currently in the process of proposing a laneway project, so i'll update with that a little later when we've actually made some ground.

exciting stuff!