Saturday, November 1, 2008

Campbell: My Name is Campbell

Hey, so I've jumped on to do a quick intro.

I've been making comics and drawing and painting for a long time, pretty much forevers.

I've been in a few exhibitions over the years. I've also made the odd comic too. Back in the day, I was starting to become a regular in James' films too.

Most recently I've been working on my business, which is making comics and watercolours and in the near future toys.

You can check out all the action of The Home Time Bell here. There's a semi regularly updated comic of sheer awesomeness there at the "Home Time" section. You should check it out, start from the beginning by clicking the "now playing" banner to the right.

All of my work at the moment has been going a bit slow because my partner (and regular super awesome collaborator) and I have had a baby. It's pretty intense and rocking.