Monday, November 3, 2008

Briony: Briony Stewart


Hi, I'm Briony - (pretty much said the way you'd describe the ocean being salty if you think it's a bit freaky and don't know how to say it.) Anyway, I'm a Perth based author and illustrator. I think this new blog is a rad idea - it's so bloomin hard to break into the cliques of already established W.A artists. I say we become our own group too James!

So, I am really into children's fiction, and that's what I'm concentrating on writing for now and in the foreseeable future.
In 2007 I released my first written and illustrated children's book, Kumiko and the Dragon. It's been going really well across Australia, and won some national recognition which was really exciting. I've been super keen to follow it up, but its taking time.*Sigh* Hopefully there'll be something soon. I've been plodding away on a sequel to Kumiko and the Dragon, a picture book called the King of Gagunjipoor, and a Young adult novel called Fine lines. I have also been trying to improve my style and skills as an illustrator. You can look at a little blog of illustrations I update from time to time, here. I've also currently been working on a big collection of whimsical gouache & watercolour illustrations for a solo exhibition. I want to have it this summer, but have to get it organized! Argh! (I will keep you all posted.)
I also keep a blog with Campbell, called Mr.Squiggle, it's pretty fun. We hope to have another exhibition together soon.

Well I guess that's it for introductions!