Friday, May 8, 2009

Exhibition Commentary: In Dreams I

I'm super excited to be introducing a new dimension to Elusive Isolation. Just before Campbell took down his recent exhibition 'In Dreams I', I caught up with him and captured an artist commentary. Like a director's commentary that you may find on one of your dvds, this allowed Campbell to talk me through a quick tour of his show. It's interesting to hear what he has to say and will hopefully provide an interesting record of the exhibition for some time to come.

Since 'In Dreams I' uses predominantly visual mediums, I took along a camera as well and recorded the journey in High Definition. It's all done in one take, handheld, no tricks, simple and pure.

You can watch it below... or even better... Watch it here in HD and see the smallest imperfections in the canvases. If you would like to download it to keep instead, go to the video's page and follow these instructions for Vimeo newbs.

How did Campbell score such special treatment? It's simple, he is a valued contributer to this blog.