Wednesday, February 25, 2009

James: Our impact as artists and other podcast discussions.

I was listening to an episode of The Treatment the other day, featuring Darren Aronofsky (Direct iTunes link here). One topic he brought up really struck me. It seems as he is getting older that he is starting to admire people who live life as art more than those who produce art. "Making physical products is questionable... We should all be dancers."

I think what he says is quite true though, the impact a film can have on the environment is likely gigantic. From, as he points out, the chemicals required to produce and develop film strip to (and what I believe is likely far worse) all the plastic needed to produce and all the fuel burnt to ship so that we can ultimately bring dvds to a store near you is likely astronomical. While artists who effect people just by being in their presence don't produce a product, they are the product, they are art.

Another discussion I found worth listening to was on episode 12 of the Slash film After Dark podcast, found on the regular Slash filmcast feed (Direct iTunes link here). The question being asked?

Is Wall-E a Date Rapist?

I think that should be enough to wet your appetite.