Friday, November 14, 2008

James: Playing With Ideas

For some time I've been wanting to create a webovision show. All the big names are doing them these days. However, the biggest hurdle is trying to keep a cast when its not a professional job. The current ambition is to make four pilot episodes and then go out and seek some funding.

I've made the first two pilot episodes under the guise of various applications. I have written another three episodes that I'm hoping to get made over the summer, if I have a cast.

The idea is to have alternating episodes, one a drama, the other a comedy, set on slightly different timelines but both having different perspectives on a similar issue. They have the webovision ethos of having no set time limit. One episode could be 15 minutes long, the other could be 7 minutes long, we just go where the story takes us.

Anyway, I post this here and not on my personal blog because its not a complete idea and I would appreciate your feedback. And yes, before you ask, most of it is filmed in my house but I think you'll find that I only have like 5 friends that have ever been to my house enough to notice. You'll just have to use your imagination to remove your personal context.

You can sneak a preview of the rough cuts on Vimeo: