Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sally: Sally Blatchford

My name is Sally and I'm a local contemporary dance maker/performer...

I have a show coming up in December so I've posted the first development of the work 'Private Thought and Public Space' and have included all the details below.

Hope to see you there!

Please check out the project's blog and check out the video of the first development.

About the Project:
With Identity there is responsibility and certain expectations and so what if you could express yourself anonymously within the walls of the room everyone must go. The Bathroom! From meaningless babble to profound political and social commentary to why is the other gender just so wrong? ‘Private Thought and Public Space’ is a contemporary dance work that explores the stories behind the writing on the wall, the art of it and the raw humanness of its form and context.

Ticketing Information

8.00pm Friday 19th December
7.30pm Saturday 20th December
6.00pm Sunday 21st December

The Chapel Space
117 Angove St

Phone: 0448 214 224

$12 concession
$15 adult